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Kindred Torques

"Beauty and power are an elegant combination."

Torc/Torque: a neck ornament consisting of a twisted metal rope, worn by the ancient Gauls and Britons representing Leadership and Power.


Kindred Torques by Andrea Pope

Here's a contemporary twist expressing those powerful attributes. Based on an ancient Celtic symmetrical metal rope neck piece designed with a frontal opening, torques had declared high status; the fine artistic skill required to make them was recognized by all who saw them. KINDRED torques by Andrea Pope are the feminine and modern declaration of this power and beauty. Incorporating more organic design lines than a traditional torque, with additions of precious and semi-precious stones, KINDRED torques are truly wearable art with a voice of their own.

Kindred Torque flexible necklaces are delicate twisted rope necklaces are designed to attract Kindred Spirits. Beautifully adorning the décolleté of the wearer, Kindred Torque necklaces are both perfect wedding jewellery for open necklines and can be worn again on a classy black turtleneck sweater. Special event statement pieces for the woman who demands to be recognized the moment she makes an entrance.

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