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Elven Eargear by Andrea Pope

"Magic happens when the spirit shines."

Unique Elven inspired ear jewellery

ELVEN Eargear is an original creation by Andrea Pope, jewellery in a category all of its own. Worn around edges of the face, or up into the hair, this  brand new concept is a conversation starter every time you wear it. ELVEN is a stunning face and hair accessory that will keep everyone guessing how it is attached!

The unique Elven Eargear is ear jewellery which wraps around the 'neck of the ear' and is clipped on securely.  That wrap around technology has flexible adjustability for a comfortable fit to your specific ear.

Each Elven Eargear jewellery piece is a delicate piece of wearable art meant to turn heads. These pieces are designed especially for the goddess in you!

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