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Love the Web

Price: $1150.00
Item Code: I have to have this up

"Connection, it's all about connecting... with each other, our tribes, and the world."

Wearing 'Love the Web' is like being inside an instant live Face Book experience. People introduce themselves, smile and compliment your taste... what a great way to start a conversation! Doors open to new connections, an opportunity to exchange business cards or recipes, to make new friends. A truly magnetic design!

‘Love the Web’ suggests to your world that your heart is up front, willing and open to new experiences. Notice that the heart stone is positioned on the left, right over the heart zone. The web sprays across the lungs, the breath of air giving life to our words of invitation.

Custom orders only

Heart shapes stones are available in a changing variety of types and colors, to be selected from the current collection. Clients are invited to send a thier special heart symbol to be custom set on a personal web.