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About designer Andrea Pope


Pope grew up in Toronto, Canada, studied Interior Design at Humber College, followed by General Arts at the Ontario College of Art and Design (OCAD Toronto). Beautiful spaces, art, and great design inspire her soul, and manifest through her one of a kind jewelry designs. Showing throughout North America resulted in many enjoyable collaborations with wonderful women from all over the world who collect her works.


A message from the artist




My signature style, Sculpturewear, was born with a twist of wire that evolved into Kindred Torques and Elven Eargear.

Whether one is going to an event, or one is 'the event', Sculpturewear is social success, like putting on a bubble of positive energy.

Creating opportunities which entertain on sight, inspire conversation, and the resulting connections between people who may never have met otherwise that is my true gift, woven in metal.

Sculpturewear from me, for you.

- Andrea Pope