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About designer Andrea Pope

"When people ask me where I get my ideas, I joke back 'Bent Brains!' I love the fact that my art form creates a 'bubble of positive energy' for the person wearing it. Conversations start with a smile and a compliment how easy is that to get used to?"

-Andrea Pope

Pope grew up in Toronto, Canada, studied Interior Design at Humber College, followed by General Arts at the Ontario College of Art and Design (OCAD Toronto). Beautiful spaces, art, and great design inspire her soul, and manifest through her one of a kind jewelry designs. Showing throughout North America resulted in many enjoyable collaborations with wonderful women from all over the world who collect her works.


A Message from Andrea

'Kindred torques' were born from my desire to connect with people who have the same idea of what is beautiful or attractive.  Art is for conversation, right? I invented my first Elven Eargear for a 'Zena and Hercules' party costume - Elven Eargear was an instant hit, at the party, at the art shows, and with my 'it girl' customers. Nobody is invisible in an Elven Eargear!

From these two concepts and a constantly growing client base, Sculpturewear was built from a solo venture to an artisan studio of highly skilled craftspeople. The 'one by one' process of handbuilding each piece, and it's inherent flexibility, allows for an exact fit for each woman's personal body curves and decollage. The comment I have gotten back most frequently is, "You wouldn't believe how many compliments I get wearing my Andrea Pope jewelry!!!"

Yes, I believe it!

Because I too, am a woman who 'goes to events' and also 'is the event'... a Kindred Spirit and Elven Queen, designing to Entertain, Inspire and Connect.

Takes one to know one!