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Andrea Pope Sculpturewear

One of a Kind Jewellery for the One of a Kind Woman

Influenced by raw movement of nature and the timeless elegance of The Elven, Sculpturewear creates stunning high end jewellery pieces that wrap organically around the body.

Our boldly designed jewellery is handcrafted to empower the woman adorned. Each piece is custom built out of highly flexible materials  to create fashion jewellery pieces which mould over your unique shape. These are custom made, wearable art, created for the sole purpose to express a woman's confidence and poise. the natural elegance of the empowered woman is reflected in our luxury jewellery.

Our specialty pieces are: Elven Eargear, Torque Necklaces, Earrings, plus tiara style and Circlets for bridal and special events.

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